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   Animated Early Learning CD
Four games help teach children to tell time, learn money math, spell and build memory skills

Includes 4 programs:

  Animated Words

A spelling game for children from pre-school through first grade. The child is helped to match the word with it's picture. When the word is correctly matched, pieces are added to a puzzle; after five correct words the puzzle becomes animated. Guessing what the puzzle will be and do is half the fun.

Download evaluation version (about 2.14 Meg)

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  Animated Money Game

Teaches coin recognition and math skills using U.S. and Canadian coins. The coins are scanned in to be highly recognizable.

The coins used in the program are photographically scanned in, so they appear very realistic (and recognizable).

There are three types of games.

First, a money recognition game where the child matches the coin to it's amount, both the front and back of the coins are used.

The other two games have levels of difficulty that can be adjusted to the child's needs.

One game has the child match a group of coins to it's amount (2 dimes and a nickel matched to 25 cents), the other game matches equivalent groups of coins (2 dimes and a nickel matched to 1 dime, 2 nickels and 5 pennies, for instance).

Context sensitive help is available for the boxes with coins in them which shows the cumulative values of each group of coins (but does not add them all up - that is left to the child).

When 10 matches are made, the child receives a ticket to a short animated movie. There are 10 different animated movies using techniques like clay-animation, full-motion video, stop-motion, and morphing. Sound effects and music are used throughout the program.

Download evaluation version (about 3.89 Meg)

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  Animated Clock Game

A program for children from pre-school through third grade that teaches them to tell time in a variety of ways. This life skill program helps them convert digital time to analog time and vice-versa.

Difficulty levels can be selected to provide practice in increments of hours, half-hours, 15 minutes, 5 minutes and one minute. Graphic help is given as needed to assist the student in learning clock skills.

Animated rewards "pop out" of the cuckoo clock's doors for each correct answer, and 10 correct answers are rewarded with a full-screen silly animation. Graphic help is given as needed to help the student learn the skills. There are 100 different animations to provide variety.

Download evaluation version (about 1.94 Meg)

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  Animated Memory Game

A concentration type game. All kinds of animation are used including: clay, stop-motion, morphing, tweening, 3D, cell, and full-motion video. Up to 36 tiles can be used (up to 90 tiles in the registered version!), one or two player mode available.

Download evaluation version (about 1.32 Meg)

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