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   Animated Puzzles

Animated Puzzles lets you choose a photo-realistic image from a collection of 55 pictures, and scramble the image into 12, 24, 48, or 96 pieces. Reassembling the 12-piece puzzles is challenging for young children. As the are enjoying themselves moving pieces with their mouse and reconstructing the picture, they are also building the skills that they need to solve problems, and coordinate their thoughts and actions. The puzzles teach spatial thinking, and reward the child's ability to recognize colors, objects, and relationships between the parts and the whole. The 48- and 96-piece puzzles are challenging enough for any adult, and both players of all ages will appreciate the puzzle-solving hints that are available.

After completing a puzzle, players are rewarded with a professionally-created, 3-D animation. The stunning photo-realism of the animations, as well as their whimsical themes, are so entertaining that puzzle solvers will be tempted to click the "just watch the animation" buttons.

Children will enjoy playing the puzzles alone, or with other children, their parents, or teachers. In the classroom, teachers can use Animated Puzzles to help their students learn to solve problems. While the children work in groups, teachers can observe the way they interact, deal with problems, and resolve frustrations.

The puzzles in this program are from the "Animated Arithmetic" and "Animated Beginning Phonics" programs. This program is for folks who want to play the puzzle games, but don't need the curriculum elements in the other two programs.


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